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24th Annual Conference

June 28 - July 1, 2017, Delft, The Netherlands.

TU Delft

Food truck festival

Delft umbrella

An outdoor festival in the Netherlands. Some people will call it a challenge. Although the university is famous for the special storm umbrellas, we have a plan B in mind, but are hoping for the best. Check the weather forecast.

I Love SuriFood

I Love SuriFood

The best of Dutch cuisine is not Dutch. If we are going out for dinner it is Chinese, Italian or Greek. A very good combination with some drinks is Surinam food.
During the food truck festival Baras will be served. A Bara is a deep fried savoury snack with Hindustan roots, made from soaked urad dal (split black lentils) and spices: Chicken curry, Javanese chicken or vegetarian.

Wok & Roll

Wok & Roll

Asian food all over the world is adjusted to the local taste. Will our Asian participants still recognise the noodles with chicken and soy sauce, or with beef and oyster or will they stick to the gamba with garlic and lemon pepper and bread, or the other way around - napkins available.

Ray's wagon

Wok & Roll

Go for the 'Kapsalon'. The dish was created in 2003 when Nataniƫl Gomes, the owner of a hairdresser salon (Dutch Kapsalon) in Rotterdam, on a regular base asked for a lunch dish with all his favourite ingredients in one bowl. Once on the menu, the dish became popular among young people and is available in many Dutch and Belgian cafeterias and shawarma shops.


Wok & Roll

Two young locusts baked in garlic on a stick, or do you prefer grilled worms in a bag, or just the usual buffalo worms meatball. Insects are probably the food of the future and here is the option to give it a try.

There is of course more to a festival such as music and drinks. And a 'coin card', together with the other vouchers. Not to limit your consumptions, but to keep the different suppliers competitive.