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24th Annual Conference

June 28 - July 1, 2017, Delft, The Netherlands.

TU Delft

Welcome reception at the old Delft City Hall

Delft City Hall is one of the city’s most distinctive monuments. This Renaissance style building on the Markt is the former seat of the city's government, and still today the place where residents hold their civic wedding ceremonies. It is where the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer fulfilled his pre-marriage requirements (‘ondertrouw’) with his wife to be, Catharine Bolnes.

Mayor Marja van Bijsterveld-Vliegenthart

Marja van Bijsterveld-Vliegenthart

Marja van Bijsterveld-Vliegenthart has been the mayor of Delft since 2 September, 2016. Her administrative career started as an alderman in Almere, after which she became the mayor of Schipluiden, which was followed by a career in national politics.
She was the party chairman of the CDA, a member of the House, State Secretary and the minister of Education, Culture and Science in the cabinets Balkenende IV and Rutte I. She is incredibly proud to be the mayor of Delft. And she shows it. According to her, the inhabitants of Delft could to show more how proud they are of their city. And they should connect with one another, so that everyone can participate in the city.